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Applications in the Classroom consists of three different parts:

In the first part, Educational use of applications, we focus on some educational examples in which we use applications to explore and solve problems. The applications used are shown as tools to discuss subject matter rather than talking about the functionality of the APPS used.

The second part, Overview of applications, is more or less a getting started guide of the APPS used in part one and as an extra some other interesting APPS which can be used to solve other problems than the examples of chapter two. The functionality of each application is explained by some educational examples. We classified the APPS into the following four categories:

New functionality
Reference Mode
New graphing mode
Test / Practice
Cabri Junior Area Formulas Inequality Graphing Area Formulas
CellSheet™ Catalog Help Transformation Graphing Guess My Coefficients
EasyData™ Conic Graphing    
Finance Science Tools    
Probability Simulation      
Science Tools      
Polynomial Root Finder and Simultaneous Equation Solver      

In the third part, Additional information, we briefly describe some companion software with the APPS of chapter two, where you can download the APPS and how you can install them on your calculator.