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TI InterActive!" in the Classroom


By the end of 2002, the T3" Europe project supported the foundation of so-called T3 Interest Groups. T3 Europe (T3ww.org/wweurope.htm) is the European project Teachers Teaching with Technology". This project aims to help teachers integrate technology into their teaching. T3 Europe is funded by Texas Instruments.

A 'T3 Europe Interest Group' is a small group of interested educators with a focus on a specific kind of technology. Our group considered TI InterActive!" to be highly relevant and interesting software with fascinating potential and so we had the idea to devote one of the Interest Groups to the development of TI InterActive! worksheets for use in the classroom. 'We' means a group of six educators - whose biographical data are presented in appendix B ? from different European countries. During the year 2003, the group met twice for two-day sessions to discuss the focus of our work and the materials under construction. The result of the work is now in your hands. Of course, the group was supported by others. We thank Texas Instruments and particularly Hubert Colombat and Koen Stulens for their help, as well as Lynda Ball for the language improvements she contributed.

It goes without saying that efficient working in such an international group is far from easy. Each of us spoke a different language, had a different background, came from a different educational culture and had specific pedagogical preferences. Looking back we can say that participation in such a group was an interesting and enriching experience, which led to an increased mutual understanding and to a convergence of ideas. As a result, we hope that the materials presented here form a coherent collection, which may inspire both teachers and students to discover the potential of TI InterActive! software for the learning of mathematics and science!

Paul Drijvers