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T3 Background
T3 is teachers teaching teachers to provide the best professional development program for the appropriate use of educational technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science worldwide. There are now T3 courses covering mathematics and science topics from primary school through high school and university. Today the T3 program operates in more than 25 countries around the world. We anticipate that additional countries will join the program. If your country has no T3 program listed, contact for further information.
The principle of teachers teaching teachers is the cornerstone of this program. T3 Instructors have been trained to teach others how to use calculators and computers in appropriate ways to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics and science.
T3 was founded at The Ohio State University by Professors Frank Demana and Bert Waits.
In the summer of 1988 they offered three one-week courses for teachers to learn how to use the power of computer and graphing calculator visualizations to enhance the teaching and learning of pre-calculus mathematics (pre-calculus is the course in US high schools typically preceding a calculus course). Beginning in the summer of 1995, Demana and Waits invited interested educators to participate in their annual T3 summer institute week at Ohio State. That experience and participation in other T3 conferences created the need to expand the T3 program to countries outside the US.