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TI InterActive!" in the Classroom
Sample activities for teaching and learning mathematics and science

TI InterActive! in the Classroom contains student units, which are ready for use in the classroom. Each of these units consists of a number of TI InterActive! files, which are connected by hyperlinks, so that students can find their way through. For the hyperlinks to work, however, it is necessary that all the files of one unit are in the same folder on disk C of the computer. The name of the folder can be found in the table of contents.

There are two ways to install a unit into the right folder. The first way is to use the executable zip files, which can be recognized by the extension 'exe'. If you double-click on such a file, all the files of the corresponding unit will be installed in the folder with the correct name. This is the easiest way to install a unit. However, some systems don't allow for downloading executable files. In that case, the second way of installing is to download the 'ordinary' zip files, which can be recognized by the extension 'zip'. Each of the zip files then needs to be extracted into the folder. The user has to define the folder name according to the name provided here. After installation, we recommend that the teacher reads the 'Teacher Guide' in the specified folder.

To read all the PDF files you need to install Adobe® Reader®.

Table of Contents

CAS Authors:

Tor Jan Aarstad
Paul Drijvers
Renée Gossez
Adrian Oldknow
Salvatore Regalbuto
Friedrich Tinhof

Tor Jan Aarstad lives in Tau, Norway. He has been a contact teacher for Texas Instruments in Norway for approximately ten years. He has higher education in studies in math, physics, chemistry and computer science, with a higher university degree in theoretical chemistry. He teaches in Upper Secondary school and he is also the leader of a national group appointed by the Department of Education and Science. The group's main task is to produce math examination questions for computer science for all levels in the grammar school. He has written articles distributed to schools in Norway to show how to solve problems in math with TI InterActive!.
Paul Drijvers is a researcher in mathematics education at the Freudenthal Institute (Utrecht University, the Netherlands). He is involved in in-service teacher training; in particular, he is Program Director of the Dutch T3 project ('Teachers Teaching with Technology'), hosted by the Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum APS. His main research interest is the integration of technologies such as graphing calculators and computer algebra systems in mathematics education at upper secondary level. In 2003, Utrecht University awarded Paul a PhD degree in Mathematics Education for his theses entitled 'Learning algebra in a computer algebra environment' (www.fi.uu.nl/~pauld/dissertation). Paul is Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education.
Renée Gossez lives in Brussels, Belgium. She has a mathematics degree from ULB (Brussels University) and taught mathematics in a secondary school in Brussels (upper level) until she retired in September 2003. At Brussels University, Renée is still an active member of UREM (Unité de Recherche pour l'Enseignement des Mathématiques), a group involved in pedagogy of mathematics, under the direction of Professors Francis Buekenhout and Jacqueline Sengier. She is also a T3 instructor for the French speaking part of Belgium. Since September 2002, Renée has been the editor of a journal called SBPM-Infor, which aims to inform members of the Belgian association of mathematics teachers (SBPM) about ongoing activities such as conferences and in-service courses.
Adrian Oldknow lives in London. He is emeritus professor of mathematics and computing education at University College Chichester and visiting fellow with the mathematical sciences group at the London University Institute of Education. Retired from full-time teaching, Adrian now does a variety of free-lance work - which includes working with T-cubed in the UK and in Europe (including attending the 2001 ADT conference). He chairs the professional development committee of the UK's Mathematical Association and is co-editor of the journal `Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications' of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications (http://www.teamat.oupjournals.org). Adrian has recently worked on revising the book `Teaching Mathematics with ICT', co-authored with Ron Taylor and published by Continuum (ISBN 0-8264-4806-2) for a second edition, due December 2003.
Salvatore Regalbuto lives in Syracuse, Italy. He has an Agrarian Science degree in Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science). He teaches in Quintiliano Secondary school in Syracuse. He has an interest in Botany and Ecology and has co-operated with Catania University and local Authorities on studies on protected areas. Concerning the new technologies he has worked in RTL applications to the Natural Science teaching. Some of his writings have been published on web sites and reviews. As ADT (T3 Italy) instructor he acts as a teacher trainer.
Friedrich Tinhof lives in Muellendorf, Austria. He has a maths and physics degree from Vienna University. He teaches Mathematics, with a focus on Financial Maths, Economics and Statistics. He is co- author of mathematics and physics textbooks and is T3 coordinator for in-service teacher training courses on TI graphing calculators and use of the technology. Since 1981 he has worked as a teacher at the Bundeshandelsakademie Eisenstadt (secondary college for business administration which is a commercial college with a focus on business studies) in Burgenland. In 2003 he wrote a German textbook entitled "Einführung in TI InterActive!", which is published by bk-teachware.